Creating a filter

After you have loaded your logs into Logbird by configuring a collector you will need to create a Filter to on the log sources to see relevant events.

Logbird allows creating filters from scratch or from a predefined template.

creating filter

Each filter specifies a set of rules to filter the logs by and also the log sources - which are the logs you want this filter to be applied to.

After the filter is created you will be able to add rules and log sources:

created filter

Adding a rule

Click on ‘Add rule’ button next to ‘Rules’.

For instructions on how to configure a rule, please consult rules documentation

Adding a log source

Click on ‘Manage’ button next to ‘Log Sources’. A list of log sources will be shown. You can search through the log sources:

searching log source

Make sure you have checked all resources you want the Filter to be applied to and hit ‘Save’:

selecting log source

Enabling/Disabling a filter

Select a filter. Toggle switch to enable/disable it.

End result

After filter is created and populated with rules and log sources it will look like this:

Filter created and populated